Breast & Surgical Oncology

Cancer is a threat that engulfs thousands of lives all across the globe. There are several kinds of cancers, mostly as per the location of the malignancy. The breast cancer is a rather common form of cancer that is extremely prevalent in Indian women. One in every 8 women is at risk of developing breast cancer, in their lifetime.

There are 2 types of cancer, namely the invasive and non-invasive type. The prior type causes the cancer cells to rupture inside the ducts and spread cancer fast. In the later type, cancer stays intact within its original spot, at first. But if its left unresolved, it will eventually turn into invasive type. 

Symptoms of breast cancer are as follows-
  1. Lump on breast/armpit
  2. Blood or other fluid discharge from the nipple
  3. Inverted or sunken nipple.
  4. Change of size or shape of the breast ( irrespective of monthly cycle)
  5. Pain in the breast or in an armpit ( irrespective of monthly cycle)
  6. Rash on nipple
  7. Scaling or flaking of the nipple or the breast skin

There are several types of surgeries carried out for the same such as Breast reconstructive surgery, mastectomy, surgical breast biopsy, reagrding the same. 

Proper self-exam and diagnosis can also detect an abnormality in time, leading to timely treatment of the same. At ILS Hospitals, we offer intensive diagnosis and treatment or breast tumors and cancer effectively.