Gynecological Problems Faced By Women At Their 20 Or 30s.

There are certain gynecological issues faced by many women of all age groups during their lifetime as per the renowned gynecologist. Here we will discuss about the issues face by the women at their 20 or 30s.

In India, many women are not provided with enough information about gynecological problems. Lack of gynae health and sex education also plays a pivotal role in a woman’s life. In our society, gynecological problems and sexual health of a woman is usually neglected.

Generally, women of this age group may face many gynecological complications specially once after getting married or involve in sexual activities. So, let’s shed some light on the topic of such gynecological problems:

  • Hormonal imbalance: Imbalanced hormone in women is a common condition of all ages. Even after getting married, as the women become sexually-active and usage of certain birth-control methods can also contribute to this factor.

  • Irregular or missed periods: Hormonal, emotional, psychological and lifestyle changes can cause irregularities in your periods. In married women, birth control pills can also have a side effect on menstruation.

  • Vaginitis: It is also called vaginal inflammation where the women have symptoms like itching, swelling, burning, redness or soreness in her vaginal area. It is usually caused by a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria or due to an infection.

  • Dyspareunia: Painful sexual intercourse is common in married women. The pain in genitals can last hours after sexual activity. If you suffer from pain during intercourse and abnormal vaginal discharge and bleeding, it’s time for you to consult a trusted gynecologist.

  • Sexually-transmitted infection: It affect the female reproductive organs. It happens due to unprotected sex with the infected person which causes the sexually-transmitted bacteria to enter the woman’s vagina and infect the entire uterus and fallopian tubes. It can be treated well if discovered early by medical professionals or gynecologists.

  • Endometriosis: It happens when the tissues in the uterine lining grow outside the uterus resulting in painful menstruation and infertility. It’s a serious medical condition that requires you to book an appointment with the gynecologist for proper treatment.

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease: Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID is an inflammation of the female reproductive organs due to infection. Bacteria like gonorrhea and chlamydia first enter the vagina and cause an infection then this infection move into the pelvic organs causing PID. It can become xtremely harmful and lead to many complications if the infection spreads and left untreated.

So, we hope that the above information enlightens you about some gynecological health conditions. If you suffer from any of the above conditions, refer to a gynecologist in Kolkata.

ILS Hospitals Organized Yet Another Successful Gyne-Endoscopy Program

ILS Hospitals, being a FOGSI conducts Gynae-Endoscopy Program from time to time. The 3rd gyne-endoscopy program was conducted from 31st July 2018. the program attracted several aspiring gynecologists by offering salient highlights such as live surgery, hands-on experience, interactive sessions, and certifications.

Renowned Dr. Aruna Tantia, Dr. Om Tantia, and other well-known doctors nurtured these young minds to learn the real-time practical knowledge outside their textbooks. Needless to say, it will help them shape their future even more effectively. The delegates, now with hands-on practice are moving ahead with their bright future.

Gynae-Endoscopy Program
Gyne-Endoscopy ProgramGyne-Endoscopy Program

Gyne-Endoscopy Program

Gyne-Endoscopy Program

Gyne-Endoscopy Program

Gyne-Endoscopy Program

Gyne-Endoscopy Program



10 Period Myths You Need To Bust Right Now

Our lives are all surrounded by myths and opinions. And sadly, the menstrual cycles are not any exception. Sometimes it appears as if common people have more facts regarding periods as compared to the gynecologists in Kolkata.

But, now it’s time to get rid of these myths and know the facts-

#1. Menstrual cycle is of 28 days

It is the average length of the cycle. However, it varies from woman to woman. Only your body can tell your cycle length, not your friends or internet apps.

Menstrual cycle is of 28 days

#2. It is dangerous to wash your head during the cycle

Thank the almighty, it is a myth. Washing your body or hair has neither effect on your flow or length of the period, nor on your health otherwise.

It is dangerous to wash your head during the cycle

#3. PMS is a myth

If you feel irritated and have mood swing, particularly before having your periods, and resolves soon after it onsets. Chances are that you are suffering from PMS and not bipolar disorder.


#4. You need to take bed rest during periods

It is true that you need rest if you lose a large amount of blood, during periods, though, you lose only a small amount. Though you can take a day off and relax in case of severe cramps, it is not a must-do.

You need to take bed rest during periods

#5. No exercise

Exercise is always good, even during periods. Sometimes, it even helps to soothe the cramps and uplifts the mood.

No Exercise

#6. You can’t get pregnant during the cycle

No gynecologists in Kolkata would give such a non-scientific advice. The chances of pregnancy are related to the ovulation cycle, not the menstrual cycle and thus, conceiving during periods it is quite possible.

You can’t get pregnant during the cycle

#7. Swimming in the ocean is dangerous because it can attract sharks

No, never. Under no circumstances, you are likely to be a potential/favored target for shark biting, if you are swimming while menstruating. It is applicable for bear attack as well.

Swimming in the ocean is dangerous because it can attract sharks

#8. Proper age of menarche

There is no right age of on-setting the menstrual cycle. Most girls get their periods somewhere between 9 years to 15 years. Often, your cycle begins close to other women’s in your family. But, in case, it does not, even when you or your ward reaches 15, it is better to get a consultation from a gynecologist in Kolkata.

Proper age of menarche

#9. Missing period means you are pregnant for sure.

Just because you are missing your period for a few days or even weeks, sometimes, does not imply you are free to announce the good news. You can skip your cycles even for 2-3 months without a pregnancy. So, be extra sure before celebrating or panicking!

Missing period means you are pregnant for sure

#10. Menstrual blood is not normal blood

Bleeding means loss of blood, no matter the biological location. And there is only one type of blood, the normal blood that rushes through veins.

Menstrual blood is not normal blood

So, don’t get drift away from facts and stay updated!

Why Infertility In Men Is On The Rise In India Lately?

Having progenies ensure the continuity of the human race on Earth. But lately, several people are coming up with the problem of infertility. Both males and females are suffering from it these days. You can find out the main reason for infertility among women here, for which one should consult a gynecologists.

Though we have one perk regarding potential fatherhood has over motherhood. That is, the age of the father is much less of significance against the age of the mother. This might look like a major advantage. However, the problem of fertility has increased among men alarmingly.

Here are some of the reasons for the same:


Having weight more than one can manage is always harmful for health. Recently, several studies have found a close relation between men being infertile with being obese or immensely overweight. Apart from physical difficulties, the extra weight also negatively affects the fertility factors significantly.

Obesity or Overweight

Lifestyle and stress

Following a sedentary lifestyle such as huge consumption of alcohol and other drugs can cause low sperm count. Also, the long working hours and work related stress, effects these factors largely.


Though a skilled gynecologist can trace this problem, it is always advised to seek a doctor’s expertise in handling infertility cases.

UTIs and STDs

Even though the occurrence of UTI in men is much less as compared to female, having a UTI can affect fertility. Especially recurring UTIs possess more severe threats.

UTIs and STDs

Several of the men in both rural and urban regions often gets indulged with multiple partners. No matter how careful one is, this practice can cause STDs. Though, some of the STDs are resolved with medications, while few others have catastrophic results and infertility is one of them.

Prior medical history, includes congenital diseases / sterility

Several diseases that might have affected in prior life may leave some traces of several problems in the future. This includes trauma, hydrocele, mumps, malaria, cryptorchidism, testicular cancer and several other.

Prior medical history, includes congenital diseases

Strenuous physical activities and injuries

Numerous physical activities like, bicycling and horseback riding that demand vigorous movements, can also have an adverse effect on the fertility of men. Additionally, sports like cricket, football, wrestling and other martial arts may also increase the risk of any accident that can directly or indirectly cause infertility.

Strenuous physical activities and injuries

Wearing supportive and protective garments during these activities mitigates the risk up to a large extent.  Thus, staying in good health is essential for personal reasons and also for ensuring a safe parenthood.

Why Infertility In Women Is Lately On A Rise In India?

Infertility is a condition of not being capable of conceiving a baby naturally. The problem of infertility is increasing among women in India lately. Know what reasons might be acting as the prime cause for it.

Our children are our future. But nowadays, lots of women are coming up to gynecologists with the problem to conceive a child naturally. Infertility is the medical condition, in which a couple fails to conceive a baby naturally even without any birth control means. The reason for the same could either be due to biological constraints in men, women or a combined factor of both.

The problem in on rise, especially since a past few decades. In fact, a rise of 30-35 percent of infertility has been recorded in the past 10 years.

According to the gynecologists in Kolkata, the following reasons are the prime factor for causing infertility in women-

  1. Sedentary lifestyle and stress

The consumption of alcohol or smoking regularly can cause an abrupt disturbance of the hormonal balance in the body. Not getting enough amount of a sleep, having persistent stress, spending too much time on TV and other electronic, lack of yoga or physical exercise etc., also comes under the sedentary lifestyle. The environmental pollution that we remain exposed to also act as a factor.

Sedentary lifestyle and stress

  1. Being obese or extremely underweight

Having poor nutrition for a long time can either result in being obese or extremely underweight. Though being obese directly does not cause infertility, but it causes hindrance in terms of irregular periods, insulin resistance, sexual incompatibility etc. Being in any of the extreme side of weight zone can cause serious trouble for conceiving.

Being obese or extremely underweight

  1. Late marriage and family planning

During the past decades, women are more career oriented than they used to be earlier, due to improvement in social and emotional context. These days, most of the educated women aim to establish their professional lives before settling down or having kids. Thus, by the time they are ready to start a family, they cross the threshold age limit and the fertility begins to decline significantly.

Late marriage and family planning

  1. Sexual relationship with multiple partners

The concept of monogamous relations in India is largely getting diluted. These days, several women engage themselves with multiple partners, which leads to sexually transmitted infection and thus the fertility gets affected in a negative way.

Sexual relationship with multiple partners

  1. Birth defect or other medical constraints early menopause

Some women are born with a rare medical condition which makes them incapable of bearing any kids naturally. This can either be conditions where the woman is born without a uterus or having sterile reproductive organs.

Birth defect or other medical constraints early menopause

Practice healthy living, enjoy the happiness of motherhood!

4 Long Term Complications of Preterm Childbirth

Human gestation period, on an average is about 38 to 40 weeks. Though this pregnancy duration may vary a little, but most safe pregnancies fall between this period. Any baby born before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy, is termed as premature baby.

A preterm baby is at high risk of having certain short term as well as long term health issues. While short term complications usually resolve within weeks with the help of medical support, the long term complications possess serious challenges throughout the lifetime of the child. You can find out about the short term complications, here.

So today, we will look out for some of the long term complications of preterm child birth-

  1. Cerebral palsy – Preterm babies are at risk of developing cerebral palsy, a disorder that disrupts the body movement, posture and muscle tone. It develops either due to infection, injury or inadequate blood flow supply to the baby. This may occur either during pregnancy or since few weeks of birth. Sadly, there is no sure shot cure for the same, but medical treatment can improve the conditions such as muscle spasm significantly. Also, assistive aids such as hearing aids, walking aids and glasses are prescribed for ease of everyday life. In rare cases, surgery is performed in several to improve the mobility.

Cerebral palsy - ILS Hospitals

  1. Vision impairment– A preterm baby may be prone to acquire a poor vision. The most common disease is the retinopathy, a condition in which the blood vessels grow in the back of the retina. A rare disease called the Retinal detachment, a condition, in which the retina completely gets out of place (i.e. back of the eye) due to swelling of blood vessels, may occur as well. If proper care is not practiced in time, it can result in permanent loss of vision. To aid this, several surgical options like cryosurgery, laser therapy, vitrectomy and scleral buckling are employed.

Vision impairment - ILS Hospitals

  1. Impaired cognitive skills– A premature baby is more susceptible to lag behind in various aspects as compared to the full term babies. This includes learning disabilities and difficulties, especially at school age. This also makes them prone to have several other conditions which result in slow learning and poor memory. Medical treatment should be provided, but the most effective cure is the support and understanding of the parents. Under no circumstances, any such child should be compared with his/her fast learning friends of the class. Remember, every child has his own potential.

Impaired cognitive skills - ILS Hospitals

Before taking the child home, all the information regarding the baby must be collected from the respective hospital.

7 Early Signs of Pregnancy That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Long before your gynecologist confirms you the sign of two, your body gives you ample amounts of signs in its own way. Since pregnancy involves lots of physical, mental and psychological changes in the body. Keeping track of such changes can help you realize that you are expecting. However, not all women necessarily need to experience these, but the most common symptoms of early pregnancy are as follows-

Missing Periods

If you are missing your periods, it could mean either you are under a lot of stress, not having enough nutrients or you won’t be having it for the next nine months as well. The reason being, as the baby starts to develop, the menstrual blood would instead help the baby grow.

According to gynecologists, several women get confused about its actual cause and ignore it.

Missing Periods - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Tender Breasts

It is normal for breasts to be a little tender or feel painful while menstruating. But having sore breasts and darkening of nipples could be yet another sign of pregnancy. The hormonal change caused by the implantation of the embryo is the prime reason for the same.

Tender Breast - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Frequent Urination

Urinary tract infection can cause you to use the restroom more than normal, but frequent urination is also a sign of pregnancy as the growing embryo puts extra pressure on the bladder and makes you urinate every now and then.

Frequent Urination - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Vaginal Discharge

It is also known as implantation spotting and is a common sign experienced by most of the pregnant women during the initial weeks of pregnancy. In fact, several of the women keep on having it until the second trimester. You can recognize it by having vaginal discharge and spotting.

Vaginal Discharge - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

If you are feeling dizzy, out of focus and nauseated, it could indicate that you are expecting. Several women find it more uncomfortable, especially in the morning and it becomes bearable throughout the day. Thus, deriving the name morning sickness. But it is a misnomer as it can onset at any time of the day and can last up to an entire day.

Morning-Sickness - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Feeling Exhausted

Feeling tired or exhausted even without doing any heavy work, it’s yet another symptom of the same. Especially if a good night’s sleep makes no significant changes.

Feeling Exhausted - Early Signs of Pregnancy

Unexplainable Cravings

If you experience a craving for some particular food which you normally don’t, there is a possibility that you are being driven towards certain smells and taste. It is quite common during pregnancy.

Unexplainable Cravings - Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you feel any of these signs, then it could be an indication of pregnancy. To know for sure, you can either get a home pregnancy test or consult a gynecologist.

Gyneacology – Why go for ‘Well Women Package’?

Women are the nurturer of the world and true architect of the society. But sadly, most of them ignore their health for a major part of their life. According to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, the prime reason for overlooking medical needs are ignorance and taboo. Several women open up their physical discomfort and pain only when it becomes intolerable and reaches the chronic stage and unfortunately, only a little can be done about it.

Thus, we looked into this as a serious issue and came up with an affordable and complete health checkup package for every woman in India.

So what is the ‘well women’ health package?

Introduced by us at ILS Hospitals, it is a complete healthcare package for women. It covers all essential screenings that are required to ensure proper health. The well women package consists of the following screening-

  1. Complete haemogram with ESR profile
  2. PAP smear
  3. Blood sugar profile (fasting)
  4. Thyroid profile
  5. Urine test
  6. Mammography for women over 40 years
  7. USG breast screening for women below 40 years
  8. Chest X-ray
  9. ECG
  10. USG of entire abdominal cavity

Apart from the diagnosis and result, a consultation with the gynecologist helps to properly decode the reports, so the patient can get a clear picture of her health status. Also it helps the doctors to understand the patient’s health stability and which aspect of their health needs more attention.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why it is recommended?

Proper diagnosis ensures the health status of the patient. If any abnormality is observed, its proper treatment can be sought as soon as possible. Usually it is found among women that they do not seek any medical help, let it be screening or consultation until they face some difficulties. This mindset needs to change, the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment must be impregnated in the mind of the society to build a healthy future.

Who are qualified to avail these?

Ideally, every woman should have it at least once in a year, starting from her mid-30s. But according to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, a lady should not delay it further than 45 years of age.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why choose ILS Hospitals?

Several health care providers in Kolkata offer women checkup packages. But going for a ‘well woman checkup’ at ILS Hospitals is the best choice, not only from an economic point of view, but also because it consists of the precise set of screening which is needed to ensure proper health. We, at ILS Hospitals, understand that every woman is unique in her own way and has special needs, and thus offer appropriate consultation according to individual needs.

Laparoscopic Vs Macro-Laparoscopic Pain Mapping

According to gynecologists, the statistics of women suffering from some or the other gynecological disease is rising day by day due to numerous intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors. There are several surgical techniques for diagnosing these conditions, the two most useful techniques are laparoscopy and pain mapping. Let’s understand in details, how each of these works.


In the past 3-4 decades, the utility of laparoscopy has evolved remarkably. Today, laparoscopy is one of the most employed means of diagnosis used by gynecologists. It is used for taking a look inside the stomach to detect the presence of any defect in the reproductive organs. As compared to traditional diagnosis tools, laparoscopy is less expensive and offers quicker recovery.

It is performed under general anesthesia where a small telescope is inserted through the navel to capture the images of the internal organs. The presence of natural carbon dioxide in the abdominal cavity provides working space for the surgeon; in case it looks insufficient, additional amount can be injected through the navel to enlarge the gap between the skin and internal organs. The telescope is moved around inside the stomach to reveal the condition of fallopian tube, ovaries and uterus. It is particularly helpful to detect ectopic pregnancies and treatment of ovarian cyst and endometriosis. In case any abnormalities are observed, it can be further diagnosed.


Micro-laparoscopic pain mapping

Pain mapping is a useful diagnostic tool and particularly helpful if the patient is suffering from some chronic pain and no other tools is yielding any helpful results or unable to track the source of the pain. It is performed under sedatives while inserting the laparoscope inside the body, after which its effects wear off. The doctor then touches instrument to each organ such as ovaries, uterus ligaments and bladder separately and asks for the patient’s response. It is used to diagnose any persistent pain in the pelvic region.

Once the exact reason for the pain is estimated, then further medication is employed towards proper medication, which may be done either in the same session or in a new session. As compared to traditional laparoscopy, this technique aims to find out the exact reason for the chronic pain and cures it completely.

Pain Mapping - ILS Hospitals

At ILS Hospitals, advanced and recommended technological approaches are employed to provide treatment and care for the patients suffering from several gynecological diseases.

Gynaecological Surgery Explained by Gynecologists in Kolkata

Every woman has faced some or the other gynecological problem at least once in life. Generally some of them gets cured by oral medication, but for some problems, surgery becomes inevitable. Gynecological surgery deals with surgeries on female reproductive system. The main causes for so can be cancer, benign tumors, infertility and incontinence. Gynecologists in Kolkata should be approached in case any abnormality arises.

Continue reading Gynaecological Surgery Explained by Gynecologists in Kolkata