Gyneacology – Why go for ‘Well Women Package’?

Women are the nurturer of the world and true architect of the society. But sadly, most of them ignore their health for a major part of their life. According to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, the prime reason for overlooking medical needs are ignorance and taboo. Several women open up their physical discomfort and pain only when it becomes intolerable and reaches the chronic stage and unfortunately, only a little can be done about it.

Thus, we looked into this as a serious issue and came up with an affordable and complete health checkup package for every woman in India.

So what is the ‘well women’ health package?

Introduced by us at ILS Hospitals, it is a complete healthcare package for women. It covers all essential screenings that are required to ensure proper health. The well women package consists of the following screening-

  1. Complete haemogram with ESR profile
  2. PAP smear
  3. Blood sugar profile (fasting)
  4. Thyroid profile
  5. Urine test
  6. Mammography for women over 40 years
  7. USG breast screening for women below 40 years
  8. Chest X-ray
  9. ECG
  10. USG of entire abdominal cavity

Apart from the diagnosis and result, a consultation with the gynecologist helps to properly decode the reports, so the patient can get a clear picture of her health status. Also it helps the doctors to understand the patient’s health stability and which aspect of their health needs more attention.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why it is recommended?

Proper diagnosis ensures the health status of the patient. If any abnormality is observed, its proper treatment can be sought as soon as possible. Usually it is found among women that they do not seek any medical help, let it be screening or consultation until they face some difficulties. This mindset needs to change, the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment must be impregnated in the mind of the society to build a healthy future.

Who are qualified to avail these?

Ideally, every woman should have it at least once in a year, starting from her mid-30s. But according to Gynecologists of ILS Hospitals, a lady should not delay it further than 45 years of age.

Well Women Package - ILS Hospitals

Why choose ILS Hospitals?

Several health care providers in Kolkata offer women checkup packages. But going for a ‘well woman checkup’ at ILS Hospitals is the best choice, not only from an economic point of view, but also because it consists of the precise set of screening which is needed to ensure proper health. We, at ILS Hospitals, understand that every woman is unique in her own way and has special needs, and thus offer appropriate consultation according to individual needs.

Laparoscopic Vs Macro-Laparoscopic Pain Mapping

According to gynecologists, the statistics of women suffering from some or the other gynecological disease is rising day by day due to numerous intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors. There are several surgical techniques for diagnosing these conditions, the two most useful techniques are laparoscopy and pain mapping. Let’s understand in details, how each of these works.


In the past 3-4 decades, the utility of laparoscopy has evolved remarkably. Today, laparoscopy is one of the most employed means of diagnosis used by gynecologists. It is used for taking a look inside the stomach to detect the presence of any defect in the reproductive organs. As compared to traditional diagnosis tools, laparoscopy is less expensive and offers quicker recovery.

It is performed under general anesthesia where a small telescope is inserted through the navel to capture the images of the internal organs. The presence of natural carbon dioxide in the abdominal cavity provides working space for the surgeon; in case it looks insufficient, additional amount can be injected through the navel to enlarge the gap between the skin and internal organs. The telescope is moved around inside the stomach to reveal the condition of fallopian tube, ovaries and uterus. It is particularly helpful to detect ectopic pregnancies and treatment of ovarian cyst and endometriosis. In case any abnormalities are observed, it can be further diagnosed.


Micro-laparoscopic pain mapping

Pain mapping is a useful diagnostic tool and particularly helpful if the patient is suffering from some chronic pain and no other tools is yielding any helpful results or unable to track the source of the pain. It is performed under sedatives while inserting the laparoscope inside the body, after which its effects wear off. The doctor then touches instrument to each organ such as ovaries, uterus ligaments and bladder separately and asks for the patient’s response. It is used to diagnose any persistent pain in the pelvic region.

Once the exact reason for the pain is estimated, then further medication is employed towards proper medication, which may be done either in the same session or in a new session. As compared to traditional laparoscopy, this technique aims to find out the exact reason for the chronic pain and cures it completely.

Pain Mapping - ILS Hospitals

At ILS Hospitals, advanced and recommended technological approaches are employed to provide treatment and care for the patients suffering from several gynecological diseases.

Gynaecological Surgery Explained by Gynecologists in Kolkata

Every woman has faced some or the other gynecological problem at least once in life. Generally some of them gets cured by oral medication, but for some problems, surgery becomes inevitable. Gynecological surgery deals with surgeries on female reproductive system. The main causes for so can be cancer, benign tumors, infertility and incontinence. Gynecologists in Kolkata should be approached in case any abnormality arises.

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An Insight Into Laparoscopic Hysterectomy And Its Benefits

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure of removing uterus out of the body. This procedure is either done by removing only a portion of uterus, known as partial hysterectomy, or by removing the entire uterus, known as total hysterectomy. Traditionally, these surgeries were performed as open surgery either through the abdomen or through the vagina.

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Various Types Of Surgical Approaches For Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is the surgical approach of removing the uterus surgically from the body. Uterus is the place where the embryo grows into baby during pregnancy. Thus, after performing hysterectomy, it is biologically impossible to conceive a baby anymore. During several hysterectomy procedures, the ovaries and the fallopian tubes may also be discarded from the body by gynecologists in Kolkata. Thus, altogether, the occurrence of menstrual cycle and pregnancy ceases completely.

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An Insight Into Hysterectomy Surgery

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove uterus from the body. The uterus, also known as the womb is a muscular organ, inside which the baby grows and develops while pregnancy. The uterine lining results in menstrual cycles. According to gynecologists in Kolkata, after undergoing hysterectomy, a patient is unable to have menstrual cycle and also becomes unable to conceive anymore. It is done only when there is absolutely no other medical alternative.

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