Guidelines To Follow Before Undergoing X-Ray

Medical science has evolved drastically over the past few decades. Advanced radiology is one such crucial aspect that plays an important role in the overall treatment process. The diagnostic technique we all had undergone at least one in our lives is the x-ray. X-ray is an imaging technique that uses ionizing radiation to pass through the body and capture images accordingly. It is mostly used to determine the extent of bone and joint damage on a recommendation from orthopedic clinics, but it also can be used to evaluate certain kinds of a pathogen-based health condition or to study any structural deformities of some organs. Let’s go through the guidelines you need to follow before undergoing an X-ray imaging.

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X-ray can be done for many organs and thus the actual guidelines may vary from case to case. However, in general, the following guidelines are to be followed for any x-ray imaging.

1. X-ray diagnosis is carried out either in the doctor’s chamber, diagnostic center or the diagnostic section of multispecialty hospitals. So, the patient must reach the spot, preferably a little in advance.

2. The patient needs to remove all the pieces of jewellery, eyeglasses and accessories like watches, cell phones etc. outside the radiology chamber.

3. The patient needs to inform the radiologist or the doctor beforehand, in case they have any surgical metal implants currently on them. These include any orthopedic metal joints, pacemakers, surgical mesh and wiring etc. Females patients also need to inform in case they are currently pregnant or even suspecting the possibility. They also must inform if they have surgical contraceptive implanted currently.

4. The patient needs to undress and wear a gown on the region that is supposed to have an x-ray. The patient are provided with a gown by the centre.

5. The patient might be given some contrast medium in certain kinds of x-ray tests. For that, they need to receive an injection or have to swallow the medium orally.

6. The patient is then guided towards the machine and helped to be positioned in the correct posture.

7. When instructed, the patient needs to stay still and might need to hold their breath momentarily, in some particular cases. This step ensures the images do not get blurry and feature the accurate details effectively.

X-ray is a painless procedure that takes only a few minutes for orthopaedic and other diagnostic purposes but might need more than an hour for x-ray involving contrast mediums. ILS Hospitals offers accurate and advance X-ray scan for every medical need.

Adapt These 7 Healthy Habits to Keep Heart Disease at Bay

Heart ailments are one of the major causes of death all over the world. To address its importance, we observe the World Heart Day every 29th September. On this occasion, the Internet starts flooding with articles on various aspects of heart and cardiac emergencies and best heart hospitals. On behalf of the ILS Hospitals, we offer 5 effective tips regarding our very own pumping device, the heart.

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1. Say Goodbye To The Smoke

No matter if you smoke regularly or ‘only to deal with stress’, it causes plaque to build up in the arteries and can cause a heart attack in the future. Try to quit it this year itself for a better heart and overall health.

World Heart Day

2. Attain A Healthy Body Weight

Do all you can to have a healthy body weight. A proportionate body ensures uniform blood circulation and mitigates the chances of having high blood pressure, up to a large extent. Moreover, the normal body weight will help you keep obesity-associated illness at bay, as a surplus.

World Heart Day

3. Manage Your Stress

Let it be work related or family oriented, stress buildup is kind of inevitable in today’s world. Prolonged stress can cause high cholesterol and eventually towards an untimely cardiac emergency.

World Heart Day

4. Eat And Live Healthy

Adapt a better diet and lifestyle to keep heart diseases away for good. Include lots of fresh veggies and fruits along with whole grains, low fat and lean proteins is a good start. Moreover, start exercising the at least 5 days in a week to keep the heart strong and healthy.

World Heart Day

5. Avail Cardiac Screening

Almost every cardiac emergency have some symptoms that stay noticeable over a period of time. Addressing it at the right time can prevent many cardiac emergencies. On this World Heart Day, avail ‘Cardiac Care health check-up package’ at a discounted rate from all the units of ILS Salt Lake, ILS Dum Dum and ILS Agartala. It will help you detect underlying cardiac ailments if any.

World Heart Day

World Heart Day

So, adapt as many of them as you can, to have a healthy heart and an overall healthy living ahead.

In case, you are already experiencing some cardiac discomfort and assuming it is best to accept it as the natural aspect of life, take a break, cause most cardiac emergencies are preventable. Always remember, the golden words said by Jennie Garth rightly said, “It’s never too late to take your heart health seriously and make it a priority.”

ILS Hospitals Agartala Improves Lives in the North Eastern Region of India

Medical tourism is a concept when people of one part of the geographical location, moves to others to avail treatment. This is either due to less availability of reliable treatment in their own province or having the high expense in doing so. Either way, it causes a burden on the patient and their family because of several reasons.

Let’s understand how the establishment of ILS Hospitals Agartala in the state of Tripura helped the regional people to avail better quality treatment.

Mr. Subhash Deb Burman a permanent resident of Tripura and a businessman, keeps on moving from place to place throughout the country. Whenever any of his family member or friend falls sick with something severe, he was the person-in-charge to accompany them for their treatment.

As Tripura or Northeast India did not have any state of the art healthcare facility, many a times, he had to travel all the way to the nearest metropolitan city, Kolkata. This extended journey was necessary as several crucial diagnosis and treatment are possible in high-end treatment provider only. However, this journeys used to leave the patients ever more tired and drenched out of energy. Not to mention that it used to lead to extra expenditure, on travel, accommodation and food.

Things finally changed for good, when ILS Hospital Agartala was established in the state of Tripura. Being a multispecialty hospital, it offers extensive diagnosis and treatment of multiple domains. This helped Mr. Deb Burman to access better healthcare facility within proximities.

To his surprise, the facility of ILS Hospitals Agartala was not only one of the best infrastructures in Northeast India but also was equipped with the best equipment and specialized doctors. He could rely on the healthcare facilities entirely. He was so satisfied with the services that he mitigated the thought of traveling out of state ever again.

He not only sought medical help for his family members and friends at ILS Hospitals Agartala but also recommended his clients and other colleagues. After seeking treatment from the same, everyone shared their views as well. The fact that ILS Hospitals in Agartala was a unit of the prestigious ILS Hospitals group, helped to establish trustworthy relation.

ILS Hospitals Agartala stands proud in the state of Tripura and keeps up the good work of ensuring the health and recovery of people of Northeast India and nearby countries such as Bangladesh. It is the heart of the healthcare among the people of this region, as it offers some of the latest treatment for several medical complications.